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Every Student. Every Day.

NBHS JROTC Honor Unit 2022 at board meeting

New Braunfels ISD is where your child will grow, succeed and find opportunities.

In NBISD you will find: 

  • Music, Art, P.E. and Gifted and Talented teachers at every elementary school
  • Band, choir, dance, and theater classes beginning in 6th grade
  • Language offerings like American Sign Language, French and German
  • Nationally recognized co-curricular programs including e-sports, Science Olympiad & Cyber Patriots
  • A dozen varsity sports offerings (per gender) and 6 sports offerings (per gender) at the middle school level
  • Award-winning fine arts programs at all of our secondary schools
  • Marine Corps JROTC unit that is a repeat recipient of the Naval Honor Unit Award
  • Robust Special Education services from early childhood to 18+
  • And a class or club for every student regardless of their interest!

By the Numbers






Varsity Sports Teams


WSE Career Exploration Day Fall 2022 - girls dressed as doctors

Pride of New Braunfels

  • Everyone Matters
  • High Expectations
  • Act With Purpose

Ready for Tomorrow

As one of the first publicly funded school districts in Texas, NBISD has a long history of community support for public education. NBISD values are based on strong, traditional beliefs about excellence in education, support for teachers and good citizenship. Our students historically perform above regional and state averages in state accountability testing. Students also continue to outperform their state peers in the SAT and ACT tests and continue to perform at the college level on Advanced Placement exams.

The culture is based on building relationships and a community of professional learning to attract high-performing staff. As the fourth largest employer in the county, the Districts strives to increase satisfaction of all stakeholders and provide exceptional customer service.
NBISD encompasses 15 campuses to include: one early childhood center, nine elementary campuses, two middle schools, one ninth grade center, one 10th-12th grade high school, and one alternative high school. Together, the schools focus on strong community partnerships and aim to have highly engaged and satisfied students, parents and community members. The District’s goal is to achieve the highest level of satisfaction among the stakeholders and sustain a system of mutually beneficial partnership among parents and the community.


NBISD is strongly supported by the community, families, volunteers and partnering organizations to ensure the success of Every Student, Every Day.

Every school in NBISD is supported by a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) with a District PTA Council that dedicates their time to promote student achievement, creativity and inclusiveness.

The NBISD Education Foundation was established in 1999, and works to provide resources to inspire learning, enrich teaching, and enhance opportunities for the teachers and students of NBISD.

Through partners like Communities in Schools that have a presence at every NBISD school, the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program, Rock Haus Foundation, McKenna Foundation, United Way of Comal County and so many more, NBISD can exceed the needs of our students and families.

In November 2015, 2018, and 2021, the voters passed a cumulative total of $446.2 million in bond referendums to build new schools, renovate or upgrade aging facilities and enhance school safety and security. 

KRE receives Education Foundation grant in May 2022

Power of the Team

  • Invest time to listen, care, and connect
  • Make each other better
  • Think we not me

Be the Best Version of You


KRE Kindergartner using ipad inĀ 2017

Passion for Growth

  • Embrace challenges
  • Adapt and Adjust
  • Get better every day

Stronger Together

Instructionally, NBISD has many strong academic support programs including a Pre-K full day program, Dual Language program, Career and Technical Education and AP/Dual
credit program and Effective Behavioral Intervention Supports (EBIS), including Restorative Discipline. 

Since 2012, NBISD’s TEC21/iPads one-to-one initiative has been putting iPads in the hands of students. Beginning in August 2016, all students in 1st grade through 12th grade were given one-to-one access to a personal device. This process has been in support of a student-centered classroom with an emphasis on project-based learning. This type of learning environment is intended to empower all students, regardless of income, to engage in the collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking necessary for a post-K12 education and career.

Classrooms are infused with technology to provide the learning leaders the tools they need to teach our future workforce. Students utilize several online learning tools and are connected to resources that might not otherwise be available to every student without technology. 


In June 2022, NBISD Board of Trustees adopted a the District Strategic Plan and District Scorecard. This 3-5 year plan is in the format of a Scorecard that is outlined in four priorities. These four priorities embody the goals, key strategic actions, progress measures, and long-term outcomes of NBISD. This plan was created to  narrow the District's focus to key work as well as developing an implementation-based system vs. the traditional outcomes-based systems.