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Disciplinary Alternative Education Program

The Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) offers academic courses in the foundation and elective curriculum areas with students progressing at the same pace as their home campuses. Special needs students’ academic work is modified in accordance with their Individualized Education Plans (IEP). Students earn their grades from the DAEP while working with DAEP instructional methods and materials. Grading standards, averages, and grade reports are in accordance with New Braunfels ISD policies. 

The DAEP is staffed with State Certified teachers and faculty members. In addition, the DAEP has access to diagnosticians, counselors, nurses, and other district general and special education personnel. Students follow a seven period day and rotate through classrooms focusing on English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Elective courses.


NBISD DAEP believes in the value of every student, and that all students are capable of learning and growing. DAEP offers students a place to reevaluate their commitment to the NBISD code of conduct, refocus their goals, and reestablish their desire to be successful. DAEP offers academic courses in the foundation and elective curriculum areas. In addition, DAEP students will also receive lessons developing social-emotional skills.

Mission Statement

As a transformative disciplinary alternative education program, we encourage personal and academic growth through a positive, restorative and structured environment. As educators motivated by genuine concern for our students and their families, we practice innovative behavior reform, personalized instruction, and collaborative social and emotional interventions dedicated to developing students with self-discipline, self-respect and good citizenship skills.

DAEP Faculty is committed to Reinforcing Important Societal Expectations, and assisting all students to “RISE” above. 

DAEP “RISE” Values

  • Respect myself and other at all times.
  • Integrity Practice honesty, acceptance and excellence.
  • Safety Practice compliant behaviors and adhere to all RISE expectations.
  • Engagement Be an active part of my education on a daily basis.

Craig Kuhrt, DAEP Campus Administrator

Craig Kuhrt
DAEP Campus Administrator   

Campus Hours

8:00am - 3:45pm