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Long-Range Facility Planning Committee

Long Range Facility Planning Committee, committee members during presentation

In October 2022, the NBISD Long- Range Facility Planning Committee (LRFPC) was formed and tasked with developing a 10-year plan of what facilities are needed in our school district.

The committee was created with 21 members consisting of parents, community members, and staff members. They planned to meet monthly with the goal of presenting a plan to the Board of Trustees by Jun 2023.

The LRFPC presented the NBISD Facility Master Plan to the Board during the regular board meeting held on June 19, 2023. 

Scope of Work:

  • Developed a timeline for committee work
  • Created list of possible future facilities
  • Identified priority projects for future bond programs
  • Projected other needs beyond 2027
  • Created a Planning Template to outline 10-year Plan

NBISD Facility Master Plan (2023-2033)

The LRFPC drafted a 10-year plan that will be updated as needed due to enrollment projections and the status of current facilities. 

NBISD Facility Master Plan 2023-2033

NBISD Facility Master Plan 2023-2033

NBISD Facility Master Plan 2023-2033

Resources Used to Develop Master Plan

Plan Parameters 

  • NBISD needs to be as cost efficient as possible
  • NBISD wants to rezone as little as possible
  • LRFPC needs to address facilities impacted by district growth that impact all students first.
  • Don’t get caught up in the logistics. Let others figure out the details; stay at 50,000 ft.

Demographic Report

The district receives a demographic report twice a year that projects our enrollment numbers.

School Inventory Map

NBISD has several properties in inventory that have been purchased for future facilities in addition to those already planned and funded through a bond program. Please note that even though NBISD owns these properties, a future facility may or may not be built on the site.