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The Seven Steps for College and Career Readiness

Step 1: Explore & Define

Guide to Career Planning for High School Students

This guide offers in-depth information in several areas, including:

  • How to identify skills and interests and match them with potential careers
  • How to get work and volunteer experience to prepare for a career
  • A discussion of several career areas and the kinds of jobs found in each Resources you can use to prepare for your desired career

Step 2: Learn & Grow

  • Enroll in courses to help your career path
  • Grow your resume and knowledge
  • Get credit through Dual Credit, AP, OnRamps, CTE certification, and ROTC

Step 3: Investigate & Decide

  • Tour Campuses
  • Setup appointments with recruiters
  • Decide on your dream school/military branch

Step 4: Evaluate & Assess

  • Register to take SAT/ACT/TSI/ASVAB
  • Study for exams
  • Assess your scores

Step 5: Apply & Acceptance

Step 6: Finance & Secure

Step 7: Take the Next Step

  • Apply for housing
  • Leave your mark on the wall
  • Meet with college to finalize