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Alternate Transportation

Note to Students and Parents:

The New Braunfels Independent School district provides transportation services for eligible students between a student's legal residence and school as a matter of school district policy.  We want to encourage you to use this service as often as possible to help alleviate some of the traffic congestion that we are experiencing in our community.  Statistics show that school bus transportation continues to be the safest way to transport children to and from school.

The safety of our students and the safe operation of the transportation system are of primary importance to all of us.  The nation has experienced several tragic situations over the last few years, which resulted in student injuries and fatalities.  In an effort to provide a more reliable and safe transportation service, we need to have a formal procedure for providing service to and from locations other than a student's legal residence.  Bus drivers must know who is allowed to ride the bus and the schools must know which bus students are allowed to ride.  We also must know if parents are aware that alternate transportation services are being provided.  Students sometimes write their own notes with parents being completely unaware.  When we deliver a student to an alternate address, we want this to be a safe situation.  We believe that this procedure helps us to better insure the safety of our students.

Parents or guardians need to make a formal written application for alternative school bus services.  The form to be used for this purpose is available at each school campus office and on this web page.  When completed, this form needs to be submitted to the principal of the student's campus.  Based on a clear set of parameters, listed on the reverse side of the form, the principal will approve or disapprove the application.  If it is approved at the campus level, it will be submitted to the Director of Transportation & Safety for final review.  We will try to provide alternative transportation services whenever possible.  Since this process will take several days to complete, parents and students should plan ahead so the service can be provided when needed.  Where applicable, when the alternative bus service is approved, the student will be issued a new bus pass, which indicates this fact.  Students must have the bus pass in their possession when they board the bus for alternate transportation services.

We want to thank you for your cooperation in utilizing this procedure.  It will help us to insure each student's safety and it will help us maintain an efficient and reliable transportation service.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the student's campus administration office or the transportation office.  (830-627-6150)

Alternate Transportation Request

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