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Bus Driver Certification Process


 Thank you for your interest in becoming a school bus driver for NBISD.  In order to obtain a license to operate a school bus, please review and study the following Written Test Preparation Items: 

  1. Texas CDL manual, using the website address provided below 
  2. Sections within the CDL manual provided below 
  3. Practice the written tests, using the website address provided below  

Please study this material, and set up an appointment with DPS to take the actual tests.  Everything up to this point will be completed by you.  After successfully passing all portions of the written tests and obtaining a commercial learning permit, you may be trained on all remaining portions to fulfill the requirements to obtain your Class B CDL with Passenger and School Bus Endorsements. Training at this point will take place at the NBISD Transportation Department by a certified school bus driver trainer. Training for 30-40 hours should be an expected time frame to successfully gain the knowledge to pass the remaining portions of the test. The remaining portions include:  

  1. Formal pre-trip inspection (including air brakes) 
  2. Vehicle control skills test (cones) 
  3. Driving test (including railroad tracks) 


View the Texas CDL Manual here.

  • Learner’s Permit- Class “B”
    • Section 14 – 20 Questions
  • General Knowledge
    • Sections 1, 2, & 3 – 50 Questions
  • Air Brake
    • Section 5 – 25 Questions
  • Passenger
    • Section 4 – 20 Questions
  • School Buses
    • Section 10 – 20 Questions

Do Practice Written Tests here.

  • Select your state (Texas) 
  • *TX Special Requirements Practice Test (1 practice test) 
  • *General Knowledge Practice Tests (8 practice tests) 
  • *Air Brakes Practice Tests (4 practice tests) *Passenger Practice Tests (4 practice tests) 
  • *School Bus Practice Tests (4 practice tests)

View the us Driver Certification Process PDF here.