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Special Needs Transportation

The safe and efficient transportation of your child relies on the cooperation and efforts of the school staff, NBISD Transportation Office, the Office of Special Education, the bus driver and monitor, and you the parent. The following section outlines some of the various responsibilities of those involved.

Special Needs Transportation provides curb to curb pick-up and drop off for special needs students.

Any new students, or existing students, to Special Needs Transportation may take 3-5 days to schedule and route to a bus once we receive the ARD paperwork from the campus.

All Special Needs buses are equipped with seat belts and students are required to wear them Students are expected to stay in their assigned seat (with seatbelt fastened) until the bus comes to a complete stop at their home or school.

In the event that no one is home, and the student is not authorized to be left alone, the transportation office will try to make contact with the parent/guardian. If contact is not made, the school of origin will be notified that we are returning the student to the school. The parent/guardian will need to make arrangements to pick up their child.

Parents’ Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to:

  • Inform the school, bus driver, and monitor of any medical condition or behavior which could help us better assist your child and help assist with their safety and health while on the bus.
  • Assure that an authorized person will be at the bus stop, on time, when your child is dropped off.
  • Assure that the student meets the bus at the scheduled time. Buses are scheduled to arrive within a few minutes of the designated time each day. The bus driver is required to wait for three minutes and cannot wait any longer for a tardy student as this creates late pick-up times for other students and a late arrival to school.
  • Parents/guardians shall not send students to the bus with food or drinks, besides water, to be consumed on the bus.
  • Inform the school of any change of address or telephone number as soon as this information is available. If the address change requires a rescheduling or route, several working days may be needed to establish a new route and time schedule.
  • Parents/guardians are to notify the NBISD Transportation office when their child is not going to ride the bus, before 6:00 am at 830-627-6150. If a student is absent for three days without notification, the bus will not return until our office is notified that the student is ready to ride.

Updated 07/10/17