2021-2022 Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: Sept. 2, 2021


COVID Health & Safety FAQs

Q: If my child is COVID-19 positive, do I keep them at home? 
Yes, if your child is positive, please contact the school so that they may provide guidance as to the timelines for which your child must remain at home. As per the guidance issued by TEA and the CDC, it is essential to keep a COVID positive student home to mitigate the spread of the virus. 

Q: Will campuses continue contact tracing?
It is the responsibility of the parent and guardian to inform the school of potential close contact for COVID-19. If the school is made aware of a COVID-19 positive staff/student, we will send communication regarding the case. All confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be reported to the TDSHS for contact tracing purposes. 

Q: Will my child be required to quarantine if they are found to be in close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID-19?
NBISD recommends that parents follow CDC guidelines when deciding to quarantine their child in this particular situation.  As per TEA and CDC guidelines, it is expected that those in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person remain home to limit the potential spread of the virus. Please see the Student Process Map for more information.  You  may also contact the school for guidance as to next steps and timelines that will assist you in making the best decision for your child.  

Q: Is there a Meet the Teacher event this year? 
Yes, on August 19, 2021.  Meet the Teacher for Elementary Campuses will be from 4:30-6:00pm and the Lone Star Early Childhood Center time will be from 3:30-5:30pm. Please look for more information from your campus for specific information. 

Q: Will we be allowed to walk our children to class at least the first day? 
Parents will be allowed to walk their child on the first day of school. 

Q: Are students and staff required to wear masks? 
As a result of GA-36, public school institutions cannot require students or staff to wear masks. It does allow parent/staff choice with regard to face coverings.

Q: Will campuses continue to implement social distancing? 
Campuses will still maintain mitigating strategies for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Desks or tables will be socially distanced as much as possible. The use of outdoor space for learning will be considered when possible.

Q: Will the COVID-19 Dashboard continue to be updated on the website?
Yes, as we are informed or become aware of cases, the Dashboard will be updated accordingly. 

Q: If my child is showing COVID-19 symptoms or has been exposed to someone that is COVID positive, do I still need to contact the school?
Yes, please contact the school to assist you in making decisions regarding the next steps for your child. 

Q: If it is up to a parent to quarantine their child, does that mean that as long as the child never develops symptoms, they can continue going to school even if potentially exposed?
It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to assist in the mitigation of the spread of COVID-19. If a parent believes their child is in good health and there are no concerns for returning to school, that is the decision of the parent/guardian. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s healthcare provider for further guidance. 

Q: Will the school notify us if a child in the same class tests positive? 
Communication will be sent to parents/guardians regarding any COVID-19 positive cases on campus and/or specific to a classroom.

Q: Does the campus require a negative test or a certain amount of days to return from possible exposure if the student is asymptomatic?
The school is required to keep students at home that are COVID-19 positive and work to ensure that those determined to be in close contact are contacted to watch for symptoms of the virus. Due to many carriers of the virus being asymptomatic, it is possible for a student never to develop symptoms but still be COVID-19 positive. If you believe your child has been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person, please contact your healthcare provider for further guidance on returning to school. For more information, see the Student Process Map. 

Q: Are campuses open for visitors?
Yes, campuses are open for visitors; however, due to ongoing concern for the spread of COVID-19, visitors are asked to self-screen before entering the building and are recommended to wear a face covering. In addition, due to campus capacity constraints and the potential impact of COVID-19 on individual campuses, principals do have the discretion to limit the number of visitors on campus.

Q: Can lunch deliveries start again?
At this time, campuses will allow food deliveries to the campus for your child. No outside food agencies will be allowed to deliver food. Principals do have the discretion to discontinue the delivery of food if there is a concern about the safety and health of the students.

Q: Are students required to wear a mask on the bus? 
Under GA-36, students are not required to wear a mask while on the bus as it is a parent’s choice.

Q: Will my child be able to sit next to their friends at lunch?  Play at Recess? Attend specials?
Yes, as campus appropriate, kids will continue participating in Recess, PE, and Specials rotations. Hand sanitizer will be available.

PE - will follow the same guidelines as UIL. PE/Specials classes will be held to allow for maximum physical distance between students. Equipment will be disinfected after each use. Sanitizing areas and access to handwashing/hand sanitizer will be provided.
Q: Can I come in and eat with my child? 
At this time, visitors are allowed. However, it will be at the principal’s discretion due to limited options for eating at lunch due to capacity concerns and still trying to social distance. Parents are encouraged to await further information from their child’s campus principal regarding back-to-school specifics and lunches.

COVID Instructional FAQs

Q: What type of education would a student receive during the 10 days they are asked to stay home if they test positive or a close family member does?
First and foremost, we want parents to focus on their children’s health when they are absent for any illness. NBISD teachers will continue to use Canvas and Seesaw as a method to deliver content to the students electronically, giving students the ability to access work from home when absent for illness. Students who need to stay home for an illness or to quarantine are still eligible to complete work assignments just as if they were sick for any other reason. Please contact your child’s teacher(s) to determine how to support your child while at home. Just like other illness-related absences, students can make up all work upon returning to school. 

Q: If I am worried about the spread of COVID-19 due to GA-36, can I request that my child switch to remote learning for the remainder of the year? 
Unfortunately, remote learning is not being funded by the state this year and, as such, is not being offered in NBISD. Please contact your campus administrator for questions regarding ways to support your student.

Q: If my child becomes infected with COVID-19 or has to quarantine during the school year, how do I ensure they get their work?
Students who are enrolled in face-to-face learning who then need to stay home for an illness or to quarantine are still eligible to complete work assignments just as if they were sick for any other reason. Please contact your child’s teacher(s) to determine how to support your child while at home. It is important that your child focuses on getting well, and students can make up all work upon return to school. 


Q: What will grading look like for students who are out sick or due to close contact?
Grading for the students that are out due to being sick or close contact will function as it has in the past. Students are afforded one day for every sick day to complete work that was missed. Please contact the campus when you are keeping your child home so we can provide information. 

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