Gifted/Talented Services and Advanced Academics

Parent Forms 

    Referrals for NBISD’s Gifted and Talented Students will be available from in the school office or from the G/T Parent Forms at All referrals must be received in the school office by the close of the designated school day by your campus. Referral does not assure placement in G/T services but does assure consideration for services. This referral is included as part of the G/T calculation matrix.

    The NBISD GT services support gifted/talented students in grades K-12. A gifted/talented individual frequently behaves in these ways: (Adapted from J. Szabos, CHALLENGE (34), 1989).

    1. Discusses and/or writes in detail – elaborates.
    2. Has wild, silly ideas.
    3. Works consistently two or more years above grade level.
    4. Behaves in mature ways.
    5. Infers sophisticated ideas.
    6. Thrives on complexity.
    7. Masters new ideas/skills with only 1-2 repetitions.
    8. Reads and comprehends above grade level with ease.
    9. Manipulates information to create new thoughts.

    If you know of a student who is not currently identified as gifted/talented, you may want to refer him/her for Gifted and Talented services. Further information about G/T services are available from your child’s campus.

    Referred students who qualify for G/T services will begin services in the Fall of the following school year. If you have specific questions regarding NBISD G/T services, please contact your campus counselor or Blake Haygood, G/T and Advanced Academics Specialist, at


    Students who have transferred into New Braunfels ISD this fall semester may be eligible for referral and screening for Gifted/Talented services.* Referral forms will be available in the school office or online at Referral forms must be submitted to the school office no later than the close of the first week of school.

    *For nominated transfer students, standardized, nationally-normed achievement scores should show evidence of high academic ability.

    NBISD Gifted/Talented Services support identified students in grades K-12. Gifted/Talented individuals frequently behave in these ways, (adapted from J. Szabos, CHALLENGE (34), 1989)

    1. Read and comprehend above grade level with ease

    2. Thrive on complexity

    3. Work consistently two or more years above grade level

    4. Discuss and/or write in detail, elaborate

    5. Have wild, silly ideas

    6. Manipulate information to create new thoughts

    7. Behave in mature ways

    8. Infer sophisticated ideas

    9. Master new ideas/skills with only 1-2 repetitions

    If your child behaves in many of the ways described above, you may wish to refer him/her for Gifted/Talented services. Further information is available from your school counselor.

    Referral does not assure qualification. Students new to NBISD who qualify for the services will begin receiving services immediately.

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