Website Ad Dimensions:

350 x 215 pixels (homepage)
208 x 180 pixels (calendar page)

e-Blast Ad Dimension:

Full-page ad = 2550 x 3300 pixels
or 8.5” x 11” (300 dpi)


NBISD will only accept family-appropriate advertisements, in accordance with NBISD Policy GKB (LOCAL) – Community Relations: Advertising and Fund Raising in the Schools. The word “Advertisement” will appear near any purchased ad.


NBISD Communications Department
1000 N. Walnut Ave.
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
Ph: 830-643-5761
Fax: 830-643-5701

Rebecca M. Villarreal, Director of Communications

Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

Here is the opportunity you have been waiting for and it is easy!

NBISD has implemented new ways for our business and non-profit partners to communicate with NBISD employees and parents that are easy, effective and affordable.

  • Flyer Distribution Guidelines

    ***Effective January 2015, NBISD will only allow flyers and/or posters on campuses that are from Campus PTAs, Booster Clubs or school sponsored events. Please review the process outlined below for approval instructions.***

    Non-profits, other organizations or companies may purchase an Employee e-Blast ad or a Parent e-Blast ad. Please see Marketing and Advertising Section for further details.

    Flyers and/or Posters must be approved by the Communications Department.

    Submission Guidelines:

    • Submit copy of flyer and Flyer Distribution Form to the NBISD Communications Department by email to info@nbisd.org for approval. Please note the following requirements for the flyers:
    • Submit flyer at least one (1) week prior to the preferred distribution date
    • The flyer must include contact information for parents to reach the organization directly such as a phone # or email
    • Flyers may not contain advertising logos or promotions for any business/organization other than the approved organization submitting the flyer (you may list the sponsors name)
    • Flyers may be printed front and back
    • Flyers must be designed on one 8 ½” x 11” (or smaller) white or colored sheet of paper
    • Flyers should be emailed in a PDF format (exceptions can be made)


    Upon approval:

    • An email will be sent to the requestor along with a copy of the signed and approved Flyer Distribution Form.
    • The organization/individual will be responsible for printing the desired number of flyers/posters.
    • Approved flyers should be delivered to the campus secretary in a single bundle along with a copy of the approved Flyer Distribution Form.
    • Flyers must be hung or displayed by a member of the sponsoring group. It is not the responsibility of the school staff.


    NBISD reserves the right of final approval for the release of any flyer and may deny permission for any reason consistent with federal or state law, district policy, procedures or practices. For more information, call (830) 643-5761 or email info@nbisd.org.

    CLICK HERE to download a PDF copy of these guidelines.
    CLICK HERE to download a PDF copy of the Flyer Distribution Form.


  • Every year the most anticipated announcement is that of the academic calendar for the upcoming school year. NBISD produces a full-color 8.5” x 11” publication of the calendar for easy reference. The calendar includes advertising along the bottom section that is seen by anyone who views the calendar online or receives a print copy. This investment gets a return all year with most printed copies displayed at home or work by NBISD parents, employees, students and more.


    Print/Online Version


       # of Printed Copies

    Cost / Size

    Printed Copies given to students, employees, local realtors & builders

      Up to two (2) advertisers  


    $1000/annual for 3.75x 1ad OR

    $1750 for exclusive 7.5x 1ad

  • NBISD produces a vast amount of video content that is uploaded on the District’s YouTube channel. The content features NBISD events, programs and initiatives with our students and employees in starring roles. The pre-roll advertising opportunity includes a 5 to 7 second image of the advertisement and tagline as a “Proud Supporter of New Braunfels ISD.” The advertisement will remain associated online with the selected video for a minimum of two (2) years.



    Possible Reach (estimated minimum)



    One (1) exclusive sponsorship per video

    400+ subscribers plus an average of 325 views per video (additional exposure is also likely with use of multiple plat- forms)

    Last Friday of every month OR before video is published


  • This advertising opportunity is the best and only way to reach employees and/or parents with your flyer or advertisement. Under NBISD Board Policy, paper flyers and poster are no longer allowed to be distributed. Sending an e-blast is more efficient and effective and allows for direct contact via email. Each advertisement includes a link to the URL of your choice. A no-hassle option! Discounted pricing for non-profits and Community Education partners. For more information or to schedule your eBlast, please email info@nbisd.org.





    Investment / Size

    Up to three (3) per week

    1,200+ employees or varied amount of subscribers on parent list

     Once on choice of date

    $100 for full-page ad (8.5” x 11” file)

  • Student Planners

    Audience Reach: 3rd-5th grade students, parents and teacher


    Distribution: Issued to student upon enrollment (the majority are distributed in August)


    Use: They are sent home daily. Students use them to log their work assignments; parents utilize daily to sign off on daily work; and teachers utilize daily to communicate with parents on academics and behavior.

    Quantity: 2,200              Commitment Term: 1 year, renewable annually


    Ad Size Quarter Page Half Page Full Page
    Price $1,500 $3,000 $6,000
    Dimensions 3.7" W x 5.2" H 7.5" W x 5.2" H 7.5" W x 10.5" H
    Promotional Incentive #1
    Homepage Ad (282 x 90 pixels) *
    2-month ad with hyperlink 4-month ad with hyperlink 6-month ad with hyperlink
    Promotional Incentive #2
    Parent or Employee e-Blast
    Two (2) e-Blasts to parents and/or employees Four (4) e-Blasts to parents and/or employees Six (6) e-Blasts to parents and/or employees
    Combined Estimated Value
    of Promotional Incentives
    $800.00 $1,450.00 $2,100.00


    *sponsor provides artwork; can update ad upon request.

    The 2022-2023 student planner sponsorship is currently available. Thank you to New Braunfels Rec for your support!


  • NBISD Board recognize the campuses annually for meeting standards on the state assessments and presents the campuses with a plaque in December or January to highlight their accomplishments. Sponsors are entitled to: public recognition at the recognition ceremony; the opportunity to participate in the ceremony and up to 3 (three) eBlasts to employees during the school year.


    Possible Reach

    Sponsor Deadline


    Up to one (1) sponsor

    1,200 employees (e-blasts)

    Aug. 1

    $500 exclusive

  • The 2021-2022 Convocation event will be held on August,17 2021.The event is attended by a  majority of the 1300+ NBISD employees. The event sponsor(s), will be entitled to the following: a booth near the entrance of the sanctuary; signage at the breakfast; public recognition and your logo featured during the event; a 6-month clickable ad on www.nbisd.org; and up to four (4) exclusive e-blasts to employees during the school year.


    Possible Reach

    Sponsor Deadline


     Up to one (1) sponsor

    1,300 employees (exposure at event and in e-blasts)

    July 1


  • The end-of-year Recessional event will be held May 27, 2022. The event is attended by a majority of the 1300+ NBISD employees. The event sponsor(s), will be entitled to the following: a booth near the entrance of the sanctuary; public recognition and your logo featured during the event; a 2-month clickable ad on www.nbisd.org; and up to two (2) exclusive e-blasts to employees during the school year.


    Possible Reach

    Sponsor Deadline


     Up to two (2) sponsors

    1,200 employees
    (exposure at event and in e-blasts)

    March 1


  • This sponsorship is centered around the recognition of the 14 Campuses Teachers of the Year and two District Teachers of the Year. Sponsor will be entitled to: public recognition anytime honorees are being recognized (in person or online); a 3-month clickable ad on www.nbisd.org; up to four (4) e-blasts to employees; and the opportunity to participate in the spring recognition ceremony.


    Possible Reach

    Sponsor Deadline


    One (1) exclusive sponsorship

    1,200 employees (exposure at multiple events)

    Dec. 15








  • This annual print publication is a keepsake for all of the 600+ graduates from New Braunfels High School and their families.


    # of Printed Copies / Potential Reach (estimated minimum)

    Sponsor Deadline

    Investment / Size

    Two (2) full-page ads on back, inside pages; All-blue print design required (no exceptions)

    3,500 / 3,500 attendees

    March 1

    $2,500 for one (1) - 4.75”x 7.75” full-page ad

  • For more information, contact NBISD Athletic Director Jim Streety at (830) 627-6138.
  • Advertisement space on www.nbisd.org is limited (3 on the homepage, 1 on District Calendar page) and available on a monthly or quarterly option. Spaces are first come, first serve with first right of refusal for current advertisers. Please inquire on availability and pricing. All advertisers that invest in quarterly option will also receive a free e-blast to employees ($100 value).




    Average Monthly Views

    Average Monthly First-time Visitors


    NBISD homepage

    Up to two (2) per agreement period (monthly or quarterly)



    $300/month OR $750/quarter for 350 X 215 pixel ad

    NBISD District Calendar Page Up to two (2) per agreement period (monthly or quarterly)
    3,798 932 $300/month OR $750/quarter for 208 X 180 pixel ad


If you wish to learn more about marketing and advertising opportunities with NBISD, you may also contact the Communications Department at (830) 643-5761 or email info@nbisd.org. All revenue generated through the official NBISD marketing and advertising program is applied to the general operating fund and all proceeds are distributed throughout the district.

Updated: Jan. 14, 2022


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