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Library Services

How Are Libraries Serving Your Children?


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There is a large body of research showing that strong school libraries make a measurable contribution to student achievement, a summary of which can be found at School Libraries Work!

The New Braunfels Independent School District located in New Braunfels, Texas and Comal and Guadalupe Counties is a destination district with top-performing schools. Comal County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the country and New Braunfels has grown to 90,000+ residents. NBISD represents a history of strong educational achievements and great schools and teachers. With a foundation beginning as far back as 1845, NBISD now serves more than 9,700 students and employs 1,200+ employees.
NBISD encompasses 15 campuses to include: one early childhood center, nine elementary campuses, two middle schools, one ninth grade center, one 10th-12th grade high school, and one alternative learning center. We are lucky enough to have a librarian at every campus, excluding School of Choice.

In accordance with those findings, our most recent annual statistics show that New Braunfels ISD libraries:

  • Had collectively, more than 191,387 items available for check out

  • Circulated over 256,178 items in total

  • Had more than 23,400 searches on our Gale databases, 12,500 on EBSCO

Your New Braunfels ISD librarians:

  • Taught over 3,850 hours and over 7,333 lessons on information literacy skills, digital citizenship, cyberbullying, author spotlights, book talks, makerspace/STEM activities, research and resources and much more!

  • Hosted multiple authors, the Rio Mobile through the New Braunfels Public Library–and even reading dogs!

  • Sponsored 25 book fairs, reading programs, contests and events, giving away thousands of dollars worth of books to students through book vending machines, donations and other ways.

  • Attended more than 500 hours of staff & professional development in the world of library science. Several were presenters and attendees at conferences, including the New Braunfels ISD Academy, the Texas Library Association Annual Conference, BossLibrarian PD, the Association of School Librarians bi-annual Conference, the Texas Computer Education Association for Librarians Conference, The Canva Librarians Conference, Future Ready Librarians Conference, Librarypalooza, Podcast & Webinars

  • Every NBISD librarian is GT certified and many have at least Apple Teacher Level 1 and Google Educator Level 1 certification.

Parent Information

How Library Materials Are Selected for New Braunfels ISD Libraries:

Our New Braunfels ISD Library Services Mission is to lead our school communities in an environment that challenges students to IMAGINE possibilities, EXPLORE opportunities, and CONNECT with the future and the world. Since our school libraries serve a variety of grade levels, library materials are selected to benefit a wide range of student reading levels, interests, and needs, as well as support any specific curriculum needs.

The following New Braunfels ISD Board Policy is referenced when purchasing library materials. Library materials may meet one or more of the following Objectives, Instructional or Selection Criteria:
NBISD Library Board Policies: slideshow presentation

New Braunfels ISD Selection Policy EF Local Objectives:

  • Enrich and support the curriculum, taking into consideration students’ varied interests, abilities, learning styles, and maturity levels;
  • Stimulate growth in factual knowledge, enjoyment of reading, literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and societal standards;
  • Present various sides of controversial issues so that students have an opportunity to develop, under guidance, skills in critical analysis and in making informed judgments in their daily lives.
  • Represent many ethnic, religious, and cultural groups and their contributions to the national heritage and world community;
  • Provide a wide range of background information that will enable students to make intelligent judgments in their daily lives.

New Braunfels ISD Selection Policy Instructional Resource Criteria:

  • Support and are consistent with the general educational goals of the state and District and the aims and objectives of individual schools and specific courses consistent with the District and campus improvement plans.
  • Meet high standards for artistic quality and/or literary style, authenticity, educational significance, factual content, physical format, presentation, readability, and technical quality; 
  • Are appropriate for the subject area, age, ability level, learning styles, and social and emotional development of the students for whom they are selected; 
  • Are designed to help students gain an awareness of our pluralistic society;
  • Are designed to provide information that will motivate students and staff to examine their own attitudes and behavior; to understand their duties, responsibilities, rights, and privileges as citizens participating in our society; and to make informed choices in their daily lives;
  • Library selections:
    - Are integral to the instructional program;
    - Are appropriate for the reading levels and understanding of students;
    - Reflect the interests and needs of the students and faculty;
    - Are included because of their literary or artistic value and merit; and 
    - Present information with the greatest degree of accuracy and clarity

- NBISD Library Book Selection Guidelines

New Braunfels ISD Librarians also reference the following New Braunfels ISD district components:

  • Alignment to the New Braunfels ISD Mission and Vision Statements along with our Core Beliefs where life changers cultivate each individual student by knowing and appreciating them

Additional factors influencing consideration for the purchase of library materials include:

  • Receive favorable professional library reviews from sources such as but not limited to School Library Journal, Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, Horn Book Guide for Children’s Books, and Young Adult Library Services Associations (YALSA) to access content quality, topics, and estimated age appropriateness
  • Demonstrate literary merit, quality, value and significance
  • Are highlighted on state and national award lists or cited on recommended reading lists
  • Fill known gaps in topics, authors, series, or genres to cultivate a diversity of thought
  • Incorporate accurate and authentic factual content from authoritative sources
  • Exhibit a high degree of potential user appeal
  • Provide a global perspective and promote diversity of thought by including materials by authors and illustrators of all cultures
  • Comprise a variety of resources in physical and digital formats including print and non-print such as electronic and multimedia (i.e. subscription databases and other online products, e-books, educational games, and other forms of emerging technologies)
  • Demonstrate popularity across other school libraries
  • Represent diverse viewpoints and culture to ensure the collection embodies the unique backgrounds of our student population
Administrators, teachers, students, parents, and community members may recommend titles for selection. Gifts must be evaluated against these criteria and accepted or rejected in accordance with board policy.
With a wide range of ability, maturity and backgrounds among students, not all materials will appeal to, or be appropriate for, all students. In alignment with policy EF (LOCAL), every parent reserves the right to guide what his or her own student reads and to select reading or instructional materials that support their family’s unique set of views and opinions. No student shall ever be required to choose a library item that conflicts with their personal values and beliefs. We encourage parents and children to talk together about the materials students are reading and welcome parents to visit with their campus librarian to discuss any specific needs for their family.



For additional questions, please visit the New Braunfels ISD Librarians webpage, contact the campus librarian or district librarians: Melanie Bowen (elementary), Amanda Hunt (secondary)

Melanie Bowen, Lead Elementary Librarian

Melanie Bowen
Lead Elementary Librarian

Amanda Hunt, Lead Secondary Librarian

Amanda Hunt
Lead Secondary Librarian


The mission of NBISD Libraries is to engage students by promoting literacy, empowering discovery, and inspiring a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.


NBISD libraries work with every student to build a community of passionate readers, lifelong learners, and innovators who help make the world around them a better place.

Collective Goals and Objectives or Commitments*:

School librarians serve many roles within the school community: leader, instructional partner, information specialist, teacher, and program administrator. We have established these guiding principles as a reflection of our values as librarians and professionals in NBISD.

As a campus LEADER, we will...

  • model a passionate love of reading.
  • defend literacy and intellectual freedom.
  • create a welcoming and supportive library space.
  • serve on decision making teams within the school community.
  • model life-long learning through professional development and continuous improvement.


  • collaborate with teachers to create engaging and authentic instructional opportunities and assessments.
  • provide the school community with a wide variety of print and online resources that meet curriculum needs.
  • encourage co-teaching between the librarian and classroom teacher.
  • collaborate with district technology specialists to integrate technology within the classroom and library.


  • provide leadership and expertise in acquiring and evaluating information resources.
  • model effective strategies for locating, accessing, and evaluating information within and beyond the library.
  • advocate for the use of library resources.
  • provide professional development opportunities for campus staff on available informational resources.
  • instruct patrons on the appropriate use of online resources including behavior within digital learning environments (digital citizenship).

As a TEACHER, we will...

  •  possess a solid understanding of the TEKS and district curriculum.
  •  hold students to high expectations for achievement and success.
  •  provide group instruction and individual guidance to students and staff at the point of need.
  •  utilize best practices and diverse teaching techniques to meet the needs of students of different backgrounds, demographics, cultures, and learning levels.


  •  develop and promote library policies and procedures.
  •  manage staff, budgets, equipment, and facilities.
  •  acquire, process, organize, distribute, maintain, and inventory library resources.
  •  provide a variety of opportunities for students and staff to connect to the library.
  •  plan, execute, and evaluate the program to ensure quality.

*Collective Commitments credit goes to Frisco ISD - Amanda Butler.

View the  to the Campus Library catalogs. Students may login by going to their ClassLink account.

View our online resources and a list of librarians and their contact information.

View our NBISD Library Book Selection Guide, aligned with our Board Policy.