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What is an ESL Program?

English as Second Language (ESL) is intensive English language instruction by teachers that are certified to recognize and work with language differences. The ESL program is required by state law in school districts with students who have limited English language skills.

  • An ESL program is structured language instruction designed to teach English to students whose English language skills are limited.
  • ESL instruction considers the student’s learning experiences and cultural backgrounds.
  • ESL is taught through second language methods for teaching mathematics, science and social studies.
What is the purpose of an ESL program?
  • An ESL program develops competence in the English language.
  • The English language is taught through listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • A student’s instructional program is modified to make it easier to learn English.
Who should be enrolled in an ESL program?
  • Students in elementary school who speak a language other than English.
  • Students in middle or high school who speak a language other than English in their home and who have difficulty with the English language are ideal candidates.
Bilingual Support

NBISD provides a dual language immersion/two-way classroom for the native Spanish speaking students in grades K-5. Students with a native language other than Spanish are served in the ESL Program.


Will my child be taught the same subjects and learn the same skills as students in the regular education program?

Yes! All Basic skills in reading, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies are taught at the students's instructional level, depending on how well he or she understands and speaks English. 

Yes! Other subjects such as health, physical education, and fine arts are also taught in an ESL program as part of the state's balanced curriculum.

About ESL Services

NBISD offers an English as a Second Language (ESL) Program in grades PK - 12. For students who speak a language other than English, the district offers a content-based ESL program in grades PK - 5. This means the teachers of all content areas (Reading, Math Social Studies & Science) have attained an ESL certification that requires them to be proficient in using second language acquisition strategies in their instruction. In grades 6-12, the students who meet the English Learner (EL) requirements are served in pull-out program. This means their English Language Arts teacher is ESL certified along with the opportunity to be provided specialized language instruction by a campus-wide ESL teacher. Any parent has the right to deny ESL services, but the student remains identified as an English Learner.

ESL Program Guide

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Bilingual Committees

Bilingual/ESL Parent Advisory Committee

The Bilingual/ESL Parent Advisory Committee was established as a way to enhance parent engagement and involvement in our programs. Using parent input, we can create and improve our programs that result in strong family partnerships and greater student achievement. This committee meets twice per year - Fall and Spring.

Title III Comprehensive Needs Assessment Committee

This committee meets once per year to evaluate the Bilingual and ESL programs and determine needs for the upcoming year. Stakeholders include administrators, teachers, parents, and community members.

Campus Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC)

Each campus has an LPAC Committee that meets throughout the year. The duties of the LPAC include identification of English Learners (EL), reclassification of EL, instructional accommodation and state testing recommendations, and progress monitoring. The role of the LPAC parent is to represent all EL students in the decision-making for these students.

ESL Helpful Links


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